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  1. Breakthroughs
  2. Why Edge?
  3. What do they mean by EDGE ANGLE?
  4. Video Tips for MA
  5. Carving and speed control (Split from thread - Why Edge?)
  6. Retraction turns
  7. Am I carving?
  8. Am I diversified?
  9. Stem Christie
  10. Up-unweighting vs diagonal projection of COM (center of mass)
  11. Steering, A Skier's Best Friend
  12. Just For Fun
  13. Another Doggy turn
  14. Long Leg - Short Leg. (Long? Really?)
  15. The influence of the shape ski
  16. Falline to Falline turns
  17. Weight on the outside ski
  18. Face down the hill?
  19. Lean? Push?
  20. To counter or not to counter that is the question...
  21. There is a lot to learn from this instructor
  22. Transitions; let me count the ways.
  23. Initiation
  24. Degree of turn
  25. higher edge angles for ice or steep pitches
  26. Learning Methods
  27. Suggestions Re: off piste skiing
  28. Core Skills
  29. prefered techniques for skiing in deep, wet heavy spring snow
  30. Heavy wet spring snow. Whch is better, longer wider skis, or short slalom skis?
  31. ski racing suits
  32. Look Where You're Going!
  33. question about lateral balance, pressure on tongue of inside boot
  34. question about angulation, inside, outside knee alignment
  35. Is it weight alone or body leverage causing skis to turn
  36. The "shape" of your current skiing.
  37. Basic balance DVD/turns using aft stance
  38. Pole plants
  39. When should ski learners start using poles?
  40. Great demo of Carving vs Pivot
  41. OLR and ILE discussion
  42. The Mesmerizing "Arc to Arc"
  43. Ski School Presentation, what is your impression?
  44. Understanding Counter: Muscles and Joints
  45. Ted Ligety - Extension Starts Where?
  46. Where's the pole plant?
  47. Trampolin Turns
  48. Why a Close Stance in Powder
  49. What is Gravity/Drag?
  50. Bump Thread
  51. skiing in seemingly impossible snow conditions
  52. How Do YOu Start Off The Season ???
  53. Ski Terminology Confusion
  54. Ice Skiing Thread
  55. What does it mean to CATCH AN EDGE? and how to avoid such disasters.
  56. Spotted left-brained skier via MA
  57. Carving arc-to-arc on soft snow
  58. Powder Skiing Thread
  59. Old Timers
  60. Tip Lead 101
  61. Advanced level skiing MA
  62. Lateral balance and disabeled skiers
  63. The Sling shot effect in skiing
  64. RIcks advanced edging DVD/countering
  65. Basic edging DVD /steering/avoiding pivoting.
  66. Physics of Skiing (video by CSIA)
  67. Be late and turn after the gate
  68. Making Time To Do Drills
  69. Diverging step in ski racing.
  70. Pressure Measuring device
  71. leading with inside knee/higher edge angle? correrct way to flex inside leg
  72. Written feedback from ski clinics
  73. Carving in a closed stance 2004 (video)
  74. Carving MA x2
  75. Upper Body/Lower Body Separation discussion
  76. Another new Coach in the hood, Welcome Garry
  77. Parallel ski tracks
  78. What kind of ski demos would you like to see?
  79. unorthadox words
  80. Trouble getting forward?
  81. Suggestions re: misplaced hockey stop
  82. Learn how to make still photo montages out of video
  83. Our newest Skier Village coach!
  84. Skiing tall
  85. Ingemar Stenmark
  86. Questions on skiing into Counter asked by LF and responded by CR
  87. CoM up-and-down movement crucial to big edge angle arc-to-arc carved turns?
  88. Advancing the outside ski
  89. skiing s-l-o-w-l-y to learn new stuff
  90. A Watershed Moment
  91. Tried something new for FUN
  92. Any Love for the Up Move Anymore?
  93. Double Falline. Say what?
  94. The Pelvic Shift
  95. Not separating Carving arc-to-arc from Skidding, a cause of great confusion
  96. Loving and Learning ....Edge Sets..
  97. Balls or arches?
  98. Flexing those boot cuffs
  99. Learning Styles and things
  100. Gimmics for Kids and the Parents who buy them
  101. Footbeds/ weighted versus unweighted and everything in between.
  102. Carved vs Steered Turns
  103. PSIA Entry Level Guide
  104. Degree of Turn
  105. Constantly told I think too much
  106. White Out!
  107. --Reaching Short Radius Turns
  108. First full Day on Shape Ski's
  109. Lateral balance, CG at Transition
  110. Shape Skis Day Two
  111. Understanding Sidecut Radius
  112. Mid-Phats vs SL race skis
  113. Pole Plants
  114. The stivot/pivot carve whatever turn
  115. Carving vs turning with sidecut
  116. Looking Up - and doing this Other Thing too
  117. Feel the stretch. Lift the big toe.
  118. Go to position
  119. Getting Forward, Being Forward
  120. skating
  121. Some Santana and some rippin' big turns...what's not to like
  122. How many DIFFERENT ways can you think of to initiate a new turn?
  123. "hip dumping" and "settling into the turn"
  124. New Technical Term: Oil Can syndrome
  125. Goals for 2011-12 season?
  126. 2011-2012 season achievements
  127. Suggestion Re: Videos
  128. Cool drill/ski school test
  129. General versus specific goals
  130. Angulation+counter=higher edge angle/ am I overcompensating on icy terrain?
  131. Movement Analysis request from Daveski7
  132. Rolling your shoulders forward/ how does it help us mechanically
  133. Huge breakthrough this week
  134. This other thing....
  135. Clearing the Invisible Gates
  136. Cross Country skiing
  137. 1000 Steps,,, The Hard Way
  138. Killy skiing 1969 Sports Illustrated
  139. Groomer drills for Bumps
  140. MA analysis for Toby First ski video of the year
  141. Balance cannot be taught
  142. how they achieve that?
  143. Tracked Powder, Highly Underrated
  144. short and tall, up and down, old school style
  145. adding a Booster Strap
  146. NASTAR nationals
  147. Why learn to ski on your inside ski?
  148. Getting more on the outside ski...
  149. Self-Taught Expert Skiers
  150. Its fun to ski when you know how to (video)
  151. The Rebuilding Of A Skier
  152. Skiing with a heavy pack
  153. Playing With Edge Angles
  154. Chin UP - Looking AHEAD
  155. WC skiers give tips on how to ski
  156. race angles in soft snow
  157. "caught an edge"
  158. Dynamic edge hold
  159. Focus on Toes
  160. red light/green light glue
  161. Powder skiing in Kaprun part 2 (video)
  162. Kneeling Against the Tongue
  163. Summer Activity Guaranteed to Improve Skiing
  164. To pivot or not to pivot
  165. Summer Activity Guaranteed to Improve Skiing 2
  166. Movement Analysis, late 80s vs. 2012
  167. Instructional video teaching Carving
  168. Article requests
  169. What causes a ski to chatter
  170. Why safety practices, specifically the buddy system, are crucial
  171. My Short Skis
  172. The 3 most common skier "errors" !
  173. Skiing Technique and Skiing Strategy
  174. The Three Most Important Characteristics of a Great Ski Instructor
  175. To be an isntructor, or not to be?
  176. Slow Dog Noodle
  177. Three "SINS" Towards An Instructor.
  178. Seeking photos for Skiing Tall, skiing short
  179. Stem + Pivot = Stivot ??
  180. Engagement, What is it?
  181. Three Qualities of All Great Skiers
  182. Playing the Ski.
  183. Find your comfort zone
  184. Visualizing the Two Lines - simultaneously
  185. The relationship between steering and sidecut
  186. Cross Through, Cross Under, Retraction
  187. Bumps Re-Visited
  188. Tucking
  189. Three instructional videos on bump skiing (in Japanese)
  190. "Breakthrough!!" ... and its aftermath
  191. A Blonde Issue
  192. Why do you turn?
  193. Lets talk rotary
  194. Analyzing/Synthesizing -- vs -- Holistic thinking
  195. Your Ski Coach Photo Gallery
  196. The pivot comment
  197. Anyone going to Saratoga?
  198. Inside/outside steps
  199. ski students by level
  200. Biggest Break Throughs
  201. tipping the foot vs flexing the knee vs lowering & advancing the hip
  202. Curious Connection and What Makes It work
  203. Looking ahead while trail running - good for skiing too
  204. Dreams of training dancing in our heads
  205. Inside Hip Drive discussion
  206. How To Ski Like An Austrian
  207. How Do You Ski?
  208. The Advantages of Skiing Rhythmically
  209. A trick for negotiating blind knolls
  210. punched-in-the-stomach skiing
  211. Leg burn
  212. I like this bump video
  213. Feel Free To Laugh! MA video from last season
  214. 2012-13 SMJ breakthroughs
  215. Great skiing video
  216. Tip divergence
  217. SL Free-ski MA of my 10 year old son
  218. Rick's post about Jim's son
  219. Getting Back to Aggressive Skiing-Mini Breakthough
  220. Videos on Separation, Mike Rogan
  221. Here's a video on tipping the feet - Sean Warman
  222. Bullet Proof Short Turn
  223. The barstool move
  224. QUestion From Beginner Dog
  225. What the Heck Did I Do... Invisible MA?
  226. Carving/Drifting - How does one turn into the other?
  227. Positive Moves to Correct Inside shoulder pull-back.
  228. When Skills Go Out the Window
  229. Which ski to tip on edge first, the inside or outside ski?
  230. one foot ski question
  231. The Belly of the Turn
  232. Knee Pointing - not a technique issue
  233. Better than the original cream of skills 2
  234. Self Assessment Video Session # 1 2013
  235. Contemporary Skiing
  236. Correct Degrees of Movement a Boot Should allow you ?
  237. New Certificate
  238. Who's taller?
  239. End of 2013 Video for MA and stuff
  240. Ever wondered how, here's how - GET FIT
  241. heavy wet spring snow and speed control
  242. When to say " I WONT SKI THAT RUN!"
  243. Narrow Cat tracks and how to navigate them
  244. Digging your toes into those footbeds when the going gets tough
  245. Rollercarving
  246. twisting at the waist vs at the hip
  247. Observations on final ski day of the year
  248. inside ski tipping question
  249. Abandon The Falline
  250. Park and Ride