1. The return of winter

    Hi folks,

    Winter came back to Summit County last (tax) weekend. I worked the Loveland Derby both Saturday and Sunday. We shoveled the track on Sunday for two SL race courses after receiving about 10 inches Saturday night. Half of that was groomed but half fell after the groom. It was very tiring, but very rewarding for we got down to the injected/frozen surface that we had the day before. There were no ruts and it was the middle of April.

    The next day I went for a late ...
  2. Doing summer like things now!

    The biking season is well overdue in Summit County. There are miles of trails that I can easily access from my house, but most of them are still out of bounds. They are either covered in snow or just so wet and muddy that it would be bad style to ride them.

    I did go for a mt. bike ride yesterday that was pleasant, if short. The X10U8 trail begins about a mile up a dirt road from my house and is on the south side of a ridge along French Creek. It was nice and dry, all the way. I crossed ...
  3. The endless winter!

    Today it was 34 degrees at 6:30 am in Breck. Blue skis, white mountains. Breck looks as good has it ever has in the 11 years I've lived in CO. And it is May! The brown spots on the lower mountain, that usually open up in early April, still haven't appeared. The Lobster is still hiding in Horseshoe Bowl. Peak 7 has almost no rock showing at all.

    I drove up to the base of the Falcon chair on Thursday and toured up Lehman's and the service road to the top of the Falcon chair. <Austrian ...