cleaning the dust off my boots/ making adjustments for the season

This will be my very first blog and right now mainly for me to keep track of changes I make to my ski boots for future reference.

First day out on the slopes was last Friday 1/27/2012. A day or so before I fiddled around with either using my intuition liners or my Head raptor liners for my Head world cup M102 shells. First impression with the raptor liners was of comfort and a good solid feel for the bottom of the foot. However, while the intuition liner is thicker in the cuff than my intuitions, the foot portion is a bit thin, like a leather sock and my foot is always cold, almost to the level of being discerning. I decided to try my intuitions at home. First impression of those was of having tingling in my foot (seems they are still too tight and need more circulation. Also the liner is noticeably shorter than my drive plate and is uncomfortable when flexing forward.

ON ski day, I first tried the raptors. Again they were comfortable as predicted but within a couple hours my foot was so cold, I had to get out of the weather and warm up. I HATE THIS. I switched to the intuitions for the rest of the day. interestingly, I did not notice the tight fit as I did at home and my foot stayed noticeably warmer than the raptors. Could have been due to the temperature rising a few degrees over the day, but it was still promising so I will try them again. Also I noticed my big toe on the right boot was hitting the shell. Not painful, but mostly annoying. Working on resolving that. Also the uncomfortable forward flex in the intuitions I experienced at home didnt seem to be an issue on the slopes. Interesting.

Suggestions are to tighten the lower buckle more ( admittedly I skied with this loose) so will try this as a first fix . maybe grind the toe box if needed (I am considering this).


  1. more boot work for ski trip on 2-3-2012

    by , February 6th, 2012 at 05:33 AM (cleaning the dust off my boots/ making adjustments for the season)
    The wed prior to the trip I visited a new ski store to me called Moxies powder house. Very cool little shop out of a guys house. So I discussed with the bootfitter my toe pressure dilema. It was decided he would rather save boot stretching for last as its possible with the older shell it could be damaged. Stretching the liner made sense but in the end it was decided to try reheating my super feet footbeds and flattening them more. They are old and the toe area curled up. This seemed to work ...