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  1. Two degrees LTE cant is too much.


    Ouch ouch ouch my ankles hurt.

    Skated 15 miles in the hopped up Lightnings, with a new contoured Achilles tendon pad and canting shims between the boot and frame. It took two laps and very numb insteps to get my foot all the way into the heel pocket and at that point I had a blister on both lateral shins from where the cuffs were digging in.

    That's when the fascitis-type soreness started setting in. Ouch ouch ouch.

    90% decided to throw ...
  2. Fitness Blog 12.3.2011

    I guess I'm reporting on the whole month of November here. How time flies.... even when you're waiting for the ski season, eh?

    Well, I'm not terribly proud of the quantity of my activity last month but I hope to make up for it in February and March Nine days was my total for the month and I'm gonna blame work, sloth and a bad back.

    I have been continuing with the interval training that Jamt posted about. It still seems like cheating but as long as I don't collapse ...
    Pre-season training
  3. Fitness Blog 10.12.2011

    I've been surfing the Indo Board lately.
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    I've been continuing my consistent activity the last couple of weeks. Did take Monday off when I had planned to work out. My body just said it would be better that way. Had great work outs the next two days so here's to listening to your body!

    Had a breakthrough on the skateboard the last couple of days: front side Ollie. It's a very basic move and I've been able to do back side Ollies for years ...
    Pre-season training