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  1. My Ski Blog - Season 5 Day 13, Tuesday, 2/4/2014

    Season 5 Lucky day 13
    Tuesday, February 4, 2014

    This was a good day, a very good day. In fact, this was a great day. Today was my first day back from a month long hiatus I was forced to take when my friend shared his flu cold with me back on January 10th. I was so angry. we are finally having an amazing winter and I was stuck in the house for over three weeks.

    Well today was the first day that I was well enough to get out there. Fortunately we had a ...

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  2. My Ski Blog - Season 5 Day 12, Wednesday, 1/8/2014

    Season 5 day
    Wednesday, January 8, 2014

    Today I had a good day. It was still quite cold, high teens and low to mid twenties so Roundtop has been blowing snow like crazy.

    I am still making some adjustments to my boots to try to keep my toes from freezing. Hopefully we will succeed but for now if it's very cold I can't ski longer than two hours.

    I was super excited when I got there because it was very crowded and I was dreading the thought of having ...

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  3. My Ski Blog - Season 5 Day 11, Friday, 1/3/2014

    Season 5 Day 11, Friday January 3, 2014

    Sorry for the brevity of this entry. I am particularly exhausted today since we had a late meeting right after i got back from skiing. In fact I went to the meeting in my ski clothes. I did not even have time to change out of my ski pants into my jeans. So this is just a very quick run through of what I did.

    I drilled inside lifts on Powderhorn trying to focus on making turns round and smooth and not wash out the ends. I am ...
  4. My Ski Blog - Season 5 Day 10, Wednesday, 1/1/2014

    season 5 day 10

    Wednesday, January 1, 2014

    Today was another ski day with Hubby. SB was supposed to meet us at ten but he was not feeling well so he was not able to make it. I had not had time to do any stretches at home and I could really feel it. I was tight as a drum skin and my skiing was horrible. I skied like a second time novice. I had wondered if I would have done better if SB had been there.

    Hubby and I did our first run on Minuteman and usually ...
  5. My Ski Blog - Season 5 Day 9, Friday, 12/27/2013

    Season 5 day 9

    Friday, December 27, 2013

    I skied with Hubby today. We had a really good time. He boarded the best I have seen him board. A big part of the reason was that he fell in love with the hand held massager we gave him for Christmas and had used it so much in the past two days that his muscles were nice and relaxed. He looked fantastic on his board and he felt so good that he even rolled over some of the jumps in the terrain park.

    I, on the other ...
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