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  1. My Ski Blog Season 6 Day 36 Thursday March 19, 2015

    Season 6 Day 36
    Thursday March 19, 2015

    Today was amazing. I skied for another couple of hours, from about 4:00 to 6:00. It was another spectacular day, blue skies and sunshine, and I think it was about 40 degrees or so. It was cold for 40 though, I don't know why, maybe because it was windy.

    I parked at the the Minuteman hole as usual and skied my first run down Minuteman. It was very difficult since there was real ice, not just snow boarder scrape. There were ...
  2. My Ski Blog Season 6 Day 35 Wednesday March 18, 2015

    Season 6 Day 35
    Wednesday, March 18, 2015

    I had an awesome time on the mountain today. I skied from 1:30 until about 5:30. The temps had dropped a bit and the slopes had been groomed so the snow was wonderful. It was crystal sugar, icy in spots, and hard and fast. It was about 40 something and the sun was shining and the sky was a magnificent deep blue with beautiful soft clouds.

    I did not have a plan for the day other than to just enjoy the mountain and de-stress ...
  3. My Ski Blog Season 6 Day 34 Monday March 16, 2015

    Season 6 Day 34
    Monday March 16, 2015

    I did not ski long today, I only had a couple of hours since I got to Roundtop at around 1:00 or so and had to be at the barn for my horsemanship class at 5:00. It was one of those glorious days with bright sun and blue skis and I was surprised by how awesome the snow was since it was like 50 degrees. The snow was a little heavy but still firm enough to ski well.

    I started on Minuteman since I had parked right at the lift ...
  4. My Ski Blog season 6 day 33, Friday, March 13, 2015

    Season 6 Day 33
    Friday February 13, 2015

    Some are suspicious of Friday the 13th and associate it with being mutilated in a horror movie. But for us it turned out to be a fabulous day. Hubby and I were at Roundtop today. He took the day off of work since we had to take the van to the mechanic and since the mechanic is very close to Roundtop it was the perfect excuse for a ski date. The weather was a bit cooler, probably in the lower forties so the snow around midday when we ...
  5. My Ski Blog season 6 day 32, Wednesday, March 11, 2015

    Season 6 Day 32
    Wednesday, March 11, 2015

    After spending the whole day sleeping yesterday to recover from my big fall off the side of the mountain on Monday, I decided to just take it very easy today. The temps reached 59 degrees and it was another beautiful sunny day. As you probably imagined the snow has started to become super soft and very difficult to ski. It was much softer today than was on Monday. Roundtop has officially announced that it will be closing on Sunday, ...

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