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My Ski Blog December 31, 2016 Season 8 Day 5

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Today was awesome. It was a super warm 37 degrees when I drove up but the snow held up well. It was wonderful. It was a little heavy but really smooth and just wonderful to ski in especially after the past two days of difficult snow.

I ended up parking in a superb parking spot right next to the discovery entrance. I had a decent spot near Peyton Walter's tree but a better spot opened up closer to the gate. I asked another patron to hold it for me as I hobbled back to my car and then did something for the very first time that would have made SB proud. I drove the 20 feet to the other spot in my ski boots. Most people might not think that 20 feet is a big deal but for me it's huge. With my physical disability, it is very difficult for me to walk in ski boots so 20 extra feet really matters.

As soon as I hobbled back to my car I decided I needed to be as quick as I could to claim my new parking spot so I left my boots on to drive to the new spot. I had heard stories from SB about how the instructors where he taught would go to the bank to deposit their ski school checks and be back in time for the next lineup. They would drive stick shifts with their ski boots on. I don't have a stick shift anymore but I was proud of myself accomplishing the fact in an automatic!

I had gotten there just in time for my appointment with SRRC (Ski Roundtop Race) Coach AM. We had had such a fabulous time yesterday that I was super excited to work with him again. And just like with yesterday, he did not disappoint.

We spent our entire hour and a half together on Fanny Hill and Powderhorn working on single carved J turns and railroad turns. It was really fantastic to get these moves and to see consistent beautiful carved tracks. And it was so powerful to be able to feel the so subtle edge to flat back to edge changes in the railroad turns. AM explained to me that these are the basics for learning. He told me that I should be using these drills all the time and always use them to check the consistency of my turns. I am so glad to have these in my arsenal.

This was one of the best lessons I have ever had in my life. And AM was so happy to work with me and praised me on my work ethic and desire to drill. He told me how most people just want to free ski and not work on the drills. But I told him that it is the drilling that makes my free skiing much more fun because it gives me the confidence to be able to handle whatever I might encounter in my free skiing. It was a fantastic day and I am so glad that we got to have this lesson.

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