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My Ski Blog January 6, 2017

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I do apologize.
Some of these blog entries are not very good. They are not up to par with my usual style of writing. But I had so much going on that I am just thankful that I wrote something down. So please forgive me. I also do not have a lot of entries for 2017. I skied a lot and trained a lot but I was not able to write a lot. I do apologize for that. But life has gone on and we are moving forward.

January 6, 2017
Skied 3 hours just got done. Warmed up on Fanny Hill and then did some runs on Minuteman. Then worked some steeper terrain for a couple of hours, (Exhibition). Felt ok. Not as technically precise as I would have liked but no real issues. Just need to relax more. Also skied Upper Leap but it was a bump field so I just did it one turn at a time. Got down fine.

Then I went back to Fanny Hill to wrap it up with some inside leg lifts, outside leg lifts, j turns and railroad turns. A couple runs of each.

Will continue to work steeps all week.

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