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My Ski Blog January 10, 2017

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Had my first fall of the season. I usually average two.

I parked at Minuteman so I took my first run down Minuteman but I felt tight so I took Barrett's on the next run to go back to Fanny Hill and warm up. It was my first time on Barrett's this year. I like Barrett's because it's pretty, especially today because the snow was good and the trees had snow in them. But Barrett's is hard for me because it is very difficult for me to visually process the trail itself. So I usually do short radius 90 degree turns all the way down.

Once I got to Fanny Hill I warmed up with a couple of free runs, again, paying careful attention to my pole touch timing and cross overs and then I did some inside lifts. Then I rode up the lift with Shawn, one of the terrain park staff boys and he and I did a little shred down Fanny together.

I was having a difficult emotional day so I thought it would be best to free ski a lot and just try to rest my brain. I felt better after my warm up and shred with Shawn so I headed back to Minuteman.

My next two runs down Minuteman were much more relaxed and I pushed the skis a bit to get some speed. Upper Leap had some fantastic snow as well as lower Leap so I decided to go do some work there.

My first couple of runs on Upper Leap were all wide track skidded turns but by my third run I decided to get more aggressive and try to narrow my track skids even try some carved turns. I was doing OK and starting to get comfortable with the speed.

My next run down Leap I decided to ski more aggressively but halfway down the top I ended up in the back seat and got bitten by a snow snake. I slid down quite a bit on my back and then had to climb back up for my ski. I didn't get too hurt, I just banged my left big toe in my boot. That's my short foot so it has a little more room to slide in my performance fit boots. It hurt bad for a few runs but it was OK eventually.

I rode back up with Al, one of our ski school supervisors so I had him check me while we were On the lift. I was OK, I never hit my head, so I went back up to Leap to tame the beast.

I decided to slow down and really focus on getting over my skis down the hill as Al told me when we talked. I could really feel the difference in control when I got my center of mass closer to where it needed to be. I could also feel when I was really getting over the skis and when I was not. It was great to understand the difference in the feeling and to feel how the skis responded differently when I got it or not.

I did two more runs on Upper Leap and then decided to go back to Fanny via Barrett's to drill. I knew they would close Barrett's for the night soon so I wanted to go over quickly. I did some nice short radius 90 degree turns all the way down the trail.

Then on Fanny, I did two runs of inside lifts, two runs of outside lifts, two runs of onside lifts to outside edge turns and two runs of carved Jturns.

I had wanted to try upper Ramrod today but decided to hold off since I fell. I can do that soon.

After my runs on Fanny, my glove batteries were dead, I had skied from 2:10 to 5:30, and my left toes were frozen even doubled up by toe warmers and boot heaters. I had forgotten to take my toe warmers off when I put my boots on. So I decided to call it a day.

One of my friends from ski patrol told me about Dalghran alpaca ski socks so I will have to check them out. He said they are the best.

Before leaving I stopped by the ski patrol hut just for a final check over. Since i have had concussions in the past, i get thoroughly checked anytime I have a decent fall even if i don't hit my head. Looks like I am OK though but I will monitor myself in the next couple of days.

Tomorrow I have to guard at the pool so I won't ski but as long as I am ok I will swim some laps once my shift is done. My dvd drive broke so I have not been able to do my conditioning dvd workouts. I have to see if I can get a new dvd player quickly so I don't miss too many workouts.

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