The return of winter

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Hi folks,

Winter came back to Summit County last (tax) weekend. I worked the Loveland Derby both Saturday and Sunday. We shoveled the track on Sunday for two SL race courses after receiving about 10 inches Saturday night. Half of that was groomed but half fell after the groom. It was very tiring, but very rewarding for we got down to the injected/frozen surface that we had the day before. There were no ruts and it was the middle of April.

The next day I went for a late (11:30) tour at Breck to hopefully get in some powder that I had missed while working.

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Here are all the pictures from that day.

Yesterday was a spectacular day at Breck. I started the day at 9 skiing with some friends I met by chance on the hill, then at 10 M and I took off for the T-Bar and above. The skiing was stupendous. No ski pics, I was having a challenging photo day with my new phone's camera and they were all overexposed.

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  1. Bushido Princess's Avatar
    Nice pics MR. The tree hollow is amazing. Is that the right word for that? I did not whether to call it a stump or it there is another word to call it.
  2. songfta's Avatar
    As they'd say in Yorkshire: lukes lowvleh!

    Great pix, glad you could enjoy the bounty from the spring storm!

    Wisp, Maryland, received a foot of snow last night and today, and it's fully skiable from what I can see. And they've been in golf mode since March 1, so.... comedy!