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I've never blogged. It's the first day of life without ski season & managing everyday life without skiing in the schedule. Time to plan for the future, immediate & upcoming summer season. So I'm trying out some new stuff & new adventures. I'm sure there is lots more to learn about living & managing everyday life that I've never tried before.

Today was about opening possibilities. Can I really invite someone to live on our property & turn over my normal responsibilities of the animals & property for an extended period of time? It would be great to venture out & travel at will for a bit, taking the kid's sports schedule into consideration. I've let alot of things go around here to ski & teach. There were plenty of things that needed to be done just to forward the mission anyhow. I'll have help, a plan & goals to reach, which make it very motivating to do. Sharing makes us grow. Sharing makes it fun! Thinking we are ready to move from the dormant stage into Spring growth, experience & more maturity. hmmmmmmm, what will the future bring ?

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