Late pow at Targhee

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Skied a glorious few days at Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole a couple of weeks ago ... was really lucky to find such great snow after the dismal season we had back East. Three photos from my cat ski at Targhee, and one standing at the top of Corbett's. This was the second time I've stood at the top of Corbett's, the first time, I thought my knees were going to give way ... this time I could enjoy the experience a little more ... next time maybe I'll ski it

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    Hey Girl, so good to see you in the village. I have missed you. Awesome pics as always! Maybe you and Brother can get me ready to ski those slopes next year!

    Wish you your here. You missed Hubby's birthday dinner. Wish you guys could have been here for it but looks like you were having just as much fun where you were! It was at our favorite Sushi spot, know the one! Hope to see you soon!