• Coach Rick

    by Published on March 4th, 2012 11:07 PM

    This photo album has been created to provide a easy to find location where we all can go to find pictures of our fellow Villagers and their escapades. Please feel free to include photos of yourself, family and pets, and also of groups of Villagers, taken on your adventures. They can be of you skiing, on vacation, everyday life, or of any other activities you've been up to.

    Lets limit this album to photos only. Include names of who is in the photos, and where and when they were taken, but let's keep a lid on conversation. Pictures and description only please in this photo album.

    To add photos simply do the following:
    - Go to Skier Village Home Page.
    - Click on "Skier Village Photo Album" in menu column on left side of page.
    - Click "go" button next to "Create Article" , upper right hand side of page.
    - Activate message box, and embed your pictures via the picture icon above message box.
    - Add description text to your pictures in message box.
    - On right side of page click the "yes" box across from "Published".
    - Click on "Save" icon at top right of page.

    Have fun, fellow Villagers, building this family photo album.
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