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Thread: Made Reservations for Mount Temblant in Feb.

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    Made Reservations for Mount Temblant in Feb.

    For about ten years we went to Mt. T for a ski week the last week of March. But since out kid started school, we didn't want to pull him out so we haven't gone in six or seven years. The family wanted a ski week so we book Feb vacation week. Hopefully it won't be as crowded as some US resorts.

    Making the reservation was weird. I initially went direct to the Hilton site to book the Homewood as I stay at Hiltons a lot on business and get points. I initially put in the wrong dates 2/17-3/23 and got something like $161/night, but I needed six nights, not 34. Then I put in the correct dates and got something ridiculous like $360/night for six nights. I played with the dates and when I bought it up to ten nights, it went back down to $161/night. I initially book ten nights instead of six as it actually came out cheaper by several hundred dollars. Clearly their computer pricing algorithm is f$%#ed. I even called and the stupid reservation person just uses the same program. I asked about staying a few less nights and maybe getting a price in the middle and she's saying the system prices like there because there are no rooms left at that rate. But that makes no sense as you can get a room for 10 nights for LESS MONEY.

    So I book ten nights intending to leave after six or severn.

    I ended up getting an email ad from Mt. T. a day or two late with a 30% off thing. I went through the Mt. T reservation site and ran the dates again. I did then get a price for six nights that was a couple hundred less than the ten night reservation. So I booked that and canceled the other reservation.

    So hopefully we'll have a decent season and have some decent skiing. There are two other families going so it should be fun.

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    So typical. And so much work for you. I'm glad you finally got the whole thing straightened out.

    It seems like it didn't take this much work way back in the past before computers; you just called someone, talked with them, and booked. But then again my memory may be flawed.

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    Most chain hotel/motel outfits have had computerized reservation systems since the 1980s. Smaller lodging facilities used a reservations book where they penciled in room schedules they could scan at a glance and see whether there were rooms open. They also used a more formal date card system as backup. Computerized reservations systems for stand-alone places with enough rooms to justify the reduction in bookkeeping were quite expensive until the Y2K era. We bought a pretty pricey scheduling program for our 45-room motel in 1991 and spent a week in Maryland learning how it operated. Their required emergency troubleshooting service was expensive too. Then we had to buy all the equipment--multiple PCs and printers, backup tape system, etc. But I thought it was way better than the reservations book. Once you'd penciled in and erased several times, it was a real pain.


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