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Thread: If you thought your race days was bad...

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    If you thought your race days was bad...

    ...then here's a place to share in your grief (or find cruel levity in others' misfortune - yeah, we all do, admit it!). - a.k.a. "How To Ski Slalom Like An Ace"

    Yes, it's a blog that has one mission: finding the cruel folly in ski racing crashes. If you've ever raced in the gates, you've had your fair share of mishaps: crashes, losing a ski, sliding out, et al. This blog (which I found via Warner Nickerson's Twitter feed) contains pictures and film that immortalize these moments, both from amateur racing sources and the more pro ranks of the World Cup.

    Note that most all of these crashes are innocuous, resulting in more ego bruising than anything else.

    Yes, this forum is usually a place where race technique and results are pondered. But sometimes, it's necessary to dwell and revel in the mishaps and folly. Warren Miller did it in his films, so....

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    The WheelBarrow shot was pretty incredible. I liked the water hazard, too.

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    Hi Village Racers:

    The picture of "Nothing beats flossing with B-net", reminds me of the time many moons ago (I think 15), when a racer on my daughter's race club, skied (NOT raced) into some plastic orange fencing (you know the kind about 4 feet high, in rolls, used to mark the edge of a trail, lift corrals). He got so tangled in the web that the coaches had to cut the plastic to get him out. He looked like a "fish in a net". The strange thing was that the whole club of about 50 racers had skied passed the webbing without anyone getting caught. That includes J5s. And he as a J2 skies right into it. At least, no physical injuries, just to the pride though.

    Think snow,

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    ^ I will confess that in Whitetail's opening season I went straight into their SLOW sign, double heel ejected, did a somersault, landed on my back 30 feet past the sign.

    In my defense, the guns were going.

    (and I just scared the living daylights out of myself by noticing that that was 22 years ago.)


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