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Thread: Tuning Rossi Experience 88 problems

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    Tuning Rossi Experience 88 problems

    I decided to tune my Exprience 88 skis today. I set the edge bevel to -2 degrees or 88 degrees from the base. The file was cutting the white behind the edge and just touching the metal part of the edge as if I had set the gage with too much angle. When I set the gauge at -1 degree the edge file was cutting evenly across the edge.

    My 1 degree base bevel file did not touch the edges on the base. I measured the base bevel and it measures -2 degrees.

    What I am finding is backwards from what standard factory tune should be. Edge bevel should be -2 degrees and the base bevel should be -1 degrees for an edge of 89 degrees. What I have is opposite and the edge is 91 degrees. This would explain why I questioned my alignment as I only notice this at edge change.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    The basics: never trust a factory tune!

    I skied the E88 last season (phenomenal ski, for the record), and had the shop I was demoing from set a 1° base/2° side bevel before I took 'em out (the tech noted they were 1°/1° out of the box - I was the first to try this particular pair). The skis were simply rock solid on any surface (and yes, I'm looking for a "gently used" pair in a 180-something as soon as budget permits).


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