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Thread: Tell me about kinesiology tape?

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    Tell me about kinesiology tape?

    I'm seeing quite a few ads these days for Spidertech which seems to be a brand of pre-cut, die cut kinesiology tape. Most of the ads I see these days show a cyclist with a bright blue tape X over what looks like the general LCL area.

    The only previous exposure to kinesiology tape is from ads that show beach volleyball players with X-ed up shoulders. Those tape applications did not look as fashion-forward as the current cycling ones.

    So...what is it and what can I do with it? Is it a fancy placebo? Is it like embrocation - only euro cyclists see the benefit? Is it actually useful? How extensive is the physiology knowledge required to use it? Is it as simple as 'put it where it hurts'? Do you put it on after you feel the hurt? Do you put it on before you feel the hurt?

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    Australian physios use it a bit -watch some Australian Football League matches and you will find quite a few players so taped. the physio has taped me with a minor back sprain and some leg stuff IIRC. The back taping session was following a manipulation session. I was in relaxed(as much as I could be with that muscle sprain) position and she taped me so that I could not slump or lean into what would maybe feel better but be less skeletally and muscularly efficient. It was to prevent me getting bad habits or over stretching in directions I should not go. It does nothing more than offer a gentle reminder NOT to go THERE. I could get there if I tried - the tape is not that strong to offer support etc. IIRC I wore tape for a few weeks until I had both healed and restrengthened muscles.

    Ant may be a good info source as she has dealt with some great physios - I can ask mine when I get home if you want.

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    I used it quite a bit when recovering from my adductor injury. The gentle tension it provided to my injured leg was quite helpful as I nursed it back to health.

    I also use it on my wonky shoulder every so often, as it's prone to nerve pinches. The stuff isn't a miracle worker, but it does provide a bit of support ("in tension," as they say) to weak areas - though nothing like a brace or restrictive device, as CR says.

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    I used to recover from injury

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    I have used it as well, worked very good!


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