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Thread: Non-integrated binding advice

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    Non-integrated binding advice

    Hey, I've been skiing for about 6 years so I'm intermediate-advanced, but I'm about to buy some new skis and want to go with a non-integrated binding, but I have almost no knowledge of them in terms of quality, price, brand etc, and I don't really know where to turn, I feel every website just wants to promote products to sell more instead of giving me real information and advice.

    I bought "Nordica Head of the Show 2014" skis and would like your advice on what binding to buy.

    I'm 20 year old guy, 5 8''. 120 pounds, and I want to start getting into the park more, while also having an all-mountain style of ski/binding. Probably $150-$200 dollar range.

    Any further information you could give me like where you think I should place the binding on the ski, or the angle if it would be wonderful and much appreciated.

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    Welcome, My suggestion for a binding is the Marker Griffon. Depending on how wide the ski is will determine what size brake to order it with. It comes in 90 and either 110 or 115. Great overall freeride and park binding. Didn't get a chance to research this ski but you would be looking for an All Mountain twintip ski if you are planning on doing any park skiing at all. Most all other types of skis are not constructed to take the punishment of jumping and or rails. That brings me to the final point, where you mount the binding depends on what you plan on doing most. Just park then you would want a true twintip which would be symmetrical in shape and you would center mount the binding. If you would want to spend time outside the park then you could get away with an all mountain twintip and mount them traditional. Like I said all depends on what you are doing MOST! Hope this helps. Regards, Dave
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