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Thread: Get well soon songfta...

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    Heh. Damaged as he is bet I *still* can't catch him on the bike.

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    Sorry I haven't replied sooner - been a busy week.

    Still can't drive, LF. While I could do fine with a predictable situation, emergency braking is beyond what I can safely do at the moment. The limitation isn't the bone structure (which is healed, for all intents and purposes), but the weakness of my hip musculature. Right now, I have very little lateral stability in my right hip due to muscle atrophy.

    The physical therapist working with me (an Aussie expat who has a lot of experience with cycling and cyclists) started me on a deep tissue massage cycle, complemented with home PT that includes a lot more resistance training via ankle weights and stretch bands. He also assigned me exercises that work specific cycling muscles, as he'd like me to be able to ride a stationary trainer within the next two to three weeks! And this coming week, I'll do some work on a Pilates stabilizer board, which will give my hip muscles some dynamic workout in a controlled environment.

    And now I'm walking a lot! Every day, I average approximately 2 miles of walking. Combined with the in-home PT exercises, I'm gaining strength and seeing the muscles start to return to normal. I know it's a long journey to full strength, but it's nice to see - and feel - the muscles re-engage and resume their typical functions. Today, I managed to lower myself in a controlled fashion from standing to sitting on a lawn - and managed to stand back up, though the latter motion was a bit clumsy. So there is progress, and it's tangible.

    Does that mean I'm not frustrated at times? Not at all. With spring entering the DC area, I know I'm missing my favorite time of the year for bike riding. But I won't be able to ride my bikes for a while. They taunt me from their rack, hanging there and begging me to get out and ride.

    Just not yet.

    The walks and PT workouts will need to suffice for now.

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    Getting up from the lawn? Wow. And 2 miles walking per day gets you outside - great.
    It sounds slow, but it also sounds like you will return to your former active self.

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    Quote Originally Posted by songfta View Post
    . With spring entering the DC area, I know I'm missing my favorite time of the year for bike riding.
    It's nowhere nearly as nice out there as it was at this time the past several years. You're not missing much.


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