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Thread: Feb 13, 2014 EPIC Powder Day Central Pa and points north,south and east..

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    Feb 13, 2014 EPIC Powder Day Central Pa and points north,south and east..

    Feb 14, 2014

    Hi Villagers:

    First a Happy Valentine's Day to all. Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

    Now, for the real McCoy. This is the winter that just keeps on giving and giving and giving. Snow, coupled with cold temps so that the snow guns can remain on to build on top of natural snow, with natural snow coming on top of human made snow pack. Just great skiing all around. Even on a small 600 vertical ft bump in the road. Yesterday, with Ski Liberty reporting 12 inches (I suspect it got 18 inches as more snow fell during the day), I was on the 2nd chair up. Had on my powder skis, Salomon Rocker II (170 cm, 115mm waist). What a blast. Obviously, for fresh virgin powder, these skis ruled. However, even when the snow got cut up, pushed into piles, it was still a dream skiing on powder skis, in soft deep snow. I've never skied the bumps so well, due to the fact that it was just soft snow everywhere. As long as I kept the pole plants coming, it was like skipping from the top of one bump to the next. The ski area management, opened up many "trails" which usually are closed, Ski Patrol took a very liberal view of where people skied. One steep "run" right under the chair lift (usually referred to as Dave's Delight, by Dave's friends) which is usually closed (because of the steepness, narrowness and lift towers in the middle of the "run") was being skied. I've always heard/read about face shots when skiing powder. Well, yesterday, was the first time ever which I had the pleasure of enjoying face shots. It wasn't your "blue smoke" type of powder, but it was a face shot and I take what I can get. I've skied powder in Utah, Colorado and California and have never had the pleasure of a face shot. Finally. Today, the area was your typical Eastern Ski resort. All trails groomed to the hilt. Hero snow, everywhere except for the bumps which had slick sports, due to the refreeze which happened yesterday. However, I've had a grin on my face for the past 36 hours. It truly is different when Mother Nature contributes her bounty. However, I feel for all the people in the deep south and North East who have lost power or are snow bound in their homes.'

    Thinking more snow,

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    Sounds great, CP! I'm just decompressing from a spectacular day out here, too. May the snow continue to fall! (it is here)

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    It's a great news indeed, I hope it's going to be the best thing


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