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Thread: Forum update

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    Forum update

    Well we have just had another update.

    I've also installed another layer of spam defence. This one is specific to robots and will fend off anyone that can fill in a registration form too quickly.

    Also updated the Spam-o-matic Hopefully I have that right because the update was a new version and required some reentry of parameters.

    Anyway if you notice anything weird please contact us.

    Would also be helpful if anyone has a spare email hanging around if you could try to register and just check that the new system works.
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    Ya damn whippersnappers, jump in and lend a hand.

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    Hey gramps, I just did.

    Buttercup, it worked just fine. Feel free to delete the account White Rabbit. 'tis me.

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    Thanks MR

    At least people can get in OK and we seem to have nipped the bot registrations.

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    It's a great news indeed


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