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Thread: Season starter 2014-2015: Back to Basics - Drills and Thrills

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    Good ide Kneale. We did lots of drills. Some I never never done before and some really old ones I had not done in ages. One of the reasons we held the ski poles like that was to prevent us from making a pole plant that dragged the hips out in a rotating manner causing the outside ski to lose its edge and skidd out. Some of the participants had a real problem with this.

    Rick, yes, good ide for new topic.
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    Looking good TDK

    I'd have said tippy = prone to tipping the drink one for me would be tipsy

    Just checked dictionary - yep tippy=prone to tilt tipsy- a little drunk

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    Tippy; A way aussies are not prone towards feeling when at a restaurant.
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