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Thread: What To Do When Switching To A Different Radius Ski

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    It would certainly highlight active use of the LTE in turn shaping You would have to be very active managing skill blends with independent foot movement
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach Rick View Post
    Think I'd use it as an opportunity to work on my javelin turns.

    So Kevin, what did you do to get the inside ski out of the way when it was the GS ski? I can think of a few ways I would try to see which way I liked best.
    Ummm, I dunno what I did. I just make it happen. I'm trying to end my turn at a predetermined spot along a predetermined arc... I just do what it takes to get that to happen.

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    When the GS ski is the inside ski, it will need to be steered strongly to keep it turning in harmony with the smaller radius outside ski. I wouldn't try to put it on a big edge angle to make it carve quickly, cause it likely will not carve quickly enough even at a high edge, and then that high edge would restrict trying to steer it. Sooooooo,,, I'd run a flatter edge so I could more easily steer the ski. It would create an A frame look in my legs. Tough T, at least I would be tripping on my ski.

    What else could be done, technical gurus?
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    Tap inside ski

    Do garlands

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    I like the tapping when the GS ski is inside.

    Garlands would allow you to get used to doing this without having to switch channels in your head for every turn, but eventually if you're going to get down the hill you've got to face that reality and make turns in both directions.

    Or you could do tracer turns for when the GS ski is inside. Keep that inside ski's tip on the snow with its tail up in the air. This way you could maintain parallel shins. Oh wait, you could do tracer turns for all your turns; neither inside ski ends up using its turn radius since only its tip is on the snow.

    Or javelins.


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