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Thread: What works for me.... tell me what works for you :)

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    I don't advocate going for high angles and the 'stepping' as anything more than a tool to illustrate what has to happen (get the inside leg out of the way so the outside leg can increase its angle to the snow) to allow large angles to develop as well as something that is just fun to do. My video didn't capture the essence of what I was describing earlier. I was able to pull the inside leg up but in doing so, I needed to alter the long outside leg to maintain balance with the insufficient speeds I'd attained. Basically my video was a poor illustration of good high edge angle skiing.

    I agree that a closer stance and less edge angle than what I was talking about, particularly with inconsistent snow such as crud. My fun turns were done on predictable and consistent surfaces. My free skiing is fun and making race angles on fat skis is just a part of learning what is possible and self-entertainment.

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    I know that playing with higher angles on the Fats really makes me aware of the edges. I can feel the BTE trying to tip that ski flat. I am much more aware of unequal angles than when I am on a narrower ski and the edges are more directly under foot. The wider skis also make me more aware of the importance of workin my feet inside the boots when I am doing slipping drills.
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    MR, have you tried what happens if you in addition pull the inside foot back and tip the foot inside the boot?

    Regarding the pushing against the CoM into a turn with the outside leg. I see that as something you primarily do to generate speed in easy parts of the course. Also more common in e.g. SG where you tuck in transition and push the outside leg before the fall line. Since you are already bent you cannot bend the inside leg to get angles.


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