Thank you Kneale. That reminds me of swimming. In a race you lose technique when you increase your speed so the more second nature your technique is the better you will do. What you said inspires me to work harder and get much better at my technique. I am sure that with much more practice and experience running gates and racing, I will learn how to be much more accurate and precise and hopefully I will be able to gain speed and precision without sacrificing too much technique. But to do that, just like with swimming, my technique needs to be spot on. I imagine the best ski racers are masters at technique and whatever gets sacrificed for sake of the clock is not as big a deal as someone who did not have it in the first place. I imagine you can be very fast and not be a great technical skier but if you are and can manage not let it bog you down but learn to use that to your advantage in a race course, it's even better. But you have given me a great challenge to work harder and get better. Thank you!