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    Proud Teacher

    I had a student on my team for three years when she 9-11. Then passed her up to a couple of the highest level instructors for her next three years on our development program. She got on staff at 14 a few years ago. I saw a picture of her today on Facebook; she has just earned her PSIA Level I pin.

    There's about 1/2 dozen kids who I've had on my team for at least a couples in our Dev program that are now on staff. I get an absolute kick watching them teach. And you know what's a great thrill. I was watching some never-evers making laps on the carpet having been taught by a kid that I once taught.

    Passing it on. Just one of the best things about teaching anything.


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    Very nice.
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    Nice, indeed! Pyramid coaching. Watching the kids you've taught go on to teach others. Doesn't get any better.

    Weird story. I was coaching summer Building Blocks camps in France a few years back, and out of the blue just happened to bump into one of my former racers on the lift, working for Green Mountain Valley School, coaching kids they'd brought over. Didn't even know he'd become a coach.
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    L2T, that is so cool. It's like being a proud papa! Brother, also a former full cert instructor, has had little moments like that with me as I have successfully passed on things he has taught me to others. He gets a real kick out of it. The other day I told him how I had helped one of our instructors on staff and a couple of other people with a short radius turn technique that he had just taught me a week or so before and how much improvement they had made from it and he responded by saying that I was the best student ever! He also told me that he is scared because I am turning into his mini me on skis so that keeps him on his toes and he has to be really careful what he tells me and teaches me.

    But it really is an amazing feeling. When I had my swim program, I remember when one of my six year old students turned around and successfully taught his four year old brother to swim. The nanny said, how did you do that and he said, "BP" taught me. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world.
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