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Thread: Is there something wrong with my skis?

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    Is there something wrong with my skis?

    The past couple of times I have gone skiing my skis are catching on the ice and wobbling as well. It happens mostly when I am turning and sometimes when I am going straight. I do not like this at all and I haven't been skiing as well because of it. I am posting this in the ski shop forum because none of this was happening before I got my skis tuned. I mostly just got them tuned because I needed to repair them as well and thought sure, why not. I will say that it was probably the first time getting my skis tuned also. It was a basic tune up that got rid of some of the lighter scratches on the bottom and sharpened the edges. I thought it was the edges of my skis that were causing this and had them detuned. I did ski better than before but my skis were still catching on the ice and wobbling. I think it is the bottom of my skis that are the problem but I am not sure what to do to fix this.

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    It sounds like either they detuned improperly or maybe there is a gougesomewhere. What do you mean by repair? Or did you just mean tune? A little more info might help.
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