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Village Rules (everyone please read)
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Thread: Village Rules (everyone please read)

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    Village Rules (everyone please read)


    Skier Village is a pet friendly little mountain town. We so love our furry buddies here, we even elected one to serve as our town’s law enforcement officer.

    A long time resident of Skier Village, our beloved Deputy Dog knows the streets and slopes of our little community well. You’ll see him patrolling the site in his official capacity, handing out friendly warning woofs to those town folk who get a little carried away. Our canine constable is doggedly dedicated to maintaining the peaceful and friendly atmosphere the Skier Village locals enjoy, and their little alpine storybook town is so well known for.

    Our waggy tail Deputy has written up just a few simple rules he asks folks to follow while they’re out and about around town. Please have a read, so you can pitch in and make our little mountain community a warm and welcoming place for everyone who lives here, and anyone else who might chance through.


    1> No profanity please. Let’s make Skier Village a wholesome little town for pups of every age to live in or visit.

    2> Be good dogs. Discussion is fun, and expressing individual perspectives on topics is encouraged. Different viewpoints offer the opportunity for others to explore new ideas. Just don’t let emotion get the best of you when participating in these discussions. When engaged in debate, keep your comments focused on the ideas being discussed, not on the people presenting them. Debating the idea is fine. Challenging the qualifications or abilities of the opposition in the debate, or hurling insults at them, is not OK. Personal attack is not allowed within the borders of Skier Village.

    3> Wise dogs know that 3 topics should always be avoided when harmony in the pack is the goal. They are: the best bones, religion, and politics. Deputy Dog requests that all Skier Villagers avoid like fleas and ticks bringing up or responding to those topics.

    4> Deputy Dog has one real “pet” peeve. Rascals who slither into town uninvited, with the intention of knocking on doors and trying to schlep their wares to his friends in town really raises the hair on the back of his neck. No friendly warning woof will be provided to these scoundrels. When found lurking about, a set of snarling choppers will promptly chase their butt out of town.

    5> The Dog runs a tight ship, errrr, I mean town. What he says goes, and is not open to public debate.


    Deputy Dog likes to make dealing with infractions cut and dry. The following is the response structure he employs:

    1st violation: A friendly reminder woof.

    2nd violation: A serious growl.

    3rd violation: You get put in your crate, for a 30 day timeout.

    4th violation: You’ve lost your home, and are off to the pound.
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