Just wanted to extend a personal invitation to all the new members we have who haven't posted yet, and to the folks stopping in for a visit who haven't formally joined us yet. Come join us! Or if you're already a member, jump in and chat with us! We'd love to meet and get to know you!

We're a small but growing community of just regular folk, who, just like you, love the sport of skiing. Because we're small, it may appear that many of us already know each other. Well, it's true, many do, but don't let that discourage you from joining us and becoming part of our little community. You're not going to find a more welcoming group of folks on the Internet. There are no cliquey attitudes here. New posters will find multiple hands of friendship quickly extended to them, and before you know it you will find yourself feeling as though you're surrounded with a large new circle of friends who have the same passion for this special sport you do.

You'll soon discover that Skier Village is not just an impersonal internet site. We're actually a place where people come to make real life new friends. Part of our community's focus is organizing on snow get togethers around the country, where you can actually meet and ski with folks you've met here in Skier Village henceforth only via your computer. Already this season we have 3 of these events in the process of being organized, and more are sure to be on the way. Also, as we grow, you'll find you'll be meeting more and more Villagers who live right in your area, who you can organize ski days together with on a regular basis, if you're so inclined. You won't even have to travel to ski with some of your new Skier Village friends.

So come on ya'll, join up, jump on that keyboard, and make yourself at home here the Village. There are a group of friendly fellow Villagers who are just waiting to meet you, and call you neighbor and friend!