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Thread: Want Us To Critique Your Skiing? In private!

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    Want Us To Critique Your Skiing? In private!

    The Skier Village Coaching Staff will be happy to analyze your skiing, and offer suggestions for improvement. Simply provide a video of yourself skiing, and our coaches will give you feedback.

    If you'd like to have everyone see your video, so everyone else can learn from it too, post it the "Ask The Coach" forum.

    If you'd like more privacy, post your video in our "Private Movement Analysis Forum". Only the Skier Village Coaching staff will be able to see it, so you'll be able to interact with us in complete privacy. No need to endure the stress of putting your video up to to mass public scrutiny. Consider it a private lesson with some of the best coaches in the business. A gift to you from the coaches of Skier Village.
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    This is a great idea for those of us who haven't posted videos in fear of being bombarded. Way to go guys, just another fine opportunity to improve here at The Village. Thanks, Dave
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