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    Welcome To The Building Blocks Discussion Forum

    This forum has been created for Building Blocks students, and prospective students alike.

    If you're currently a Building Blocks student, and would like to discuss your training, this is the place to do it. Feel free to ask questions you have about any of the drills or progressions, or for advice on how to get over any road blocks you experience. If you're not sure you understand any of the skills or concepts contained in the program, this is the place to eliminate the confusion. Don't hesitate to ask any question you have. I can guarantee you that you won't have been the first student to wonder about it, and by asking you'll be helping others come to a clearer understanding at the same time.

    If you've yet to become a Building Blocks student, but are interested and curious to learn more about it, this forum has been created for you too. Feel free to ask us about anything you'd like about the Building Blocks Instructional Series. This is your direct line to the creator of the program.

    Happy Turns,
    Rick Schnellmann
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