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Thread: New "Private Forums" section brought to Skier Village

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    New "Private Forums" section brought to Skier Village

    Some of you may have noticed, we now have a "Private Forums" section of town in the village. We've created this forum area for ski clubs and organizations to use to conduct their conversations about topics related to their activities. Each club who takes advantage of this feature of Skier Village will have their own private forum to conduct their affairs, which only their members can access. Not all clubs have the wherewithal to create and support a private Internet forum for their membership to interact in, so Skier Village is stepping up to the plate to provide it to them.

    Any clubs who qualify will have a new forum created for them, in their name. The organizer will be appointed head of their new forum, and we will supply him/her with a password to be distributed to their membership. Access to their forum will only be granted when that password is entered. If you click on the "North American Ski & Snowboard Championships" club that is listed in the Private Forums section now, you'll see how that works.

    If you're a member of, or know of any clubs that may find this service we're offering of interest, please pass on the information to them. All they need do is contact me to get the ball rolling on establishing their forum.
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    Great idea Rick!
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    Oh Man! Being the village busy body just got tougher! Thanks loads CR! jeez I crack me up.....seriously, a fine idea. So schools or just any organization? i was thinkgin th evillage would be a great place for school racers to hang out
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    Great idea!


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