Last night I got out to make some turns. Some of the conditions were softer snow but some was hard pack and in my opinion a bit icy too. When in the soft snow I didnt seem to have troubles with steering or ski grip but on the icier terrain I noticed my skis wanted to wash out. When I focused on more angulation (keeping my shoulders squared up to the hill, and focused more on countering (hips more facing the fall line) the edge grip started to come back.. So some may say I solved the problem. Heres my dilemma though.

Over the summer I had asked if more edge angle was needed when on firmer snow and the answer was no. With the shaped skis its my understanding that the only time you need more edge angle is when you need to make a sharper turn. more angulation+more counter=higher edge angle..... So in my example of solving the lack of edge hold with more edge angle on the skis leads me to believe I am overcompensating for another skill I am missing?

Any thoughts or comments please...

Thanks very much,,