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  1. The Journey of a New Ski Instructor archive part 5


    One year and 5 days since my last post, 23 lessons later.

    I love this job, (job?)

    I teach beginners, I love it. I can't remember a day I didn't enjoy it. Sure I've had some difficult lessons, but like the old saying "there are no small parts, only small actors."

    I am getting requests, I have parents tell me that their kids made their big breakthroughs with me, I have adult beginners (mostly women) feel so comfortable ...
  2. The Journey of a New Ski Instructor archive part 4


    Yesterday another lesson worth describing. 9 year old kind of overweight girl who I'm told can ski Outback and Roundabout (the from the top trails that wind down the back of the mountain. Green, narrow, with a few slightly steeper drops on them.)

    She is bright on the lift and seems like it will be a good lesson. She gets off the lift fine, looks pretty balanced and glides to a stop in a wedge. I ask her to ski ahead of me and watch while thinking of ...
  3. The Journey of a New Ski Instructor archive part 3


    Starting this thread up again for any of you considering instructing, other new instructors and who knows who else might find this interesting!

    My second year of instructing and my first day of lessons.

    Standing in lineup, only three of us because we finished our training last week and the rest of the instructors were still training. A bunch of kids waiting for lessons. Oh no, I think - I was hoping to get some skiing in this morning. ...
  4. The Journey of a New Ski Instructor archive part 2


    Great day today, did a two hour private with a 7 year old who could ski, liked to point them down the hill and go fast, not in a wedge either. To turn he was wedging. Parents wanted me to teach him to turn more and to learn how to do a hockey stop. He didn't particularly want to do either of course.

    We have a nice medium length green run that's pretty steep for a green, called Exhibition. Maybe 400 verts. The carrot was he could ski the lower half fast ...
  5. The Journey of a New Ski Instructor archive part 1

    These are my posts from a 4 year long thread on another ski forum about my experiences starting teaching skiing. It was very well received and might be of interest to others, so I am copying it here. I plan on blogging here to continue this as the years go on.

    Day One

    I am a noobie Instructor. After years of hanging out with Instructors at my home hill, and being on a 5 year mission to improve my skiing I finally decided to join up. I may have ...
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