• Where should I look when I ski?

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    Can the ski instructors here help me please?

    Some instructors tell me to face the bottom of the hill(or the valley) and others tell me to look where I'm going. I keep trying to one and then the next instructor wants me to do a different thing and I'm very

    So can someone tell me without too much geeky talk where I should look?
    What Franz said, both have their time and place.

    The instructors asking you to face down hill wants you to increase upper body counter. Note that they might say "face the bottom of the hill" when they in truth only want you to turn your upper body somewhat in that direction. The instructors asking you to look where you are going want you to have a more square stance.

    Upper body counter is a way of increasing your edge angles and help place your hips away from the fall line. Annother way of looking at upper body counter is pointing your butt uphill. If you have a square stance then your butt would be pointing in the same direction your ski tails are pointing. A too square stance is usually the reason for so called hip rotation where your hip is drifting out into the turn causing eccessive tail skidding. A too countered position causes "wind up" which in turn makes your skis pivot more easily at edge change. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

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      Rachel, I heard a very good expression a few years ago: " You go where you look, and you hit what you look at"
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      Look towards where you intend to go next ... look into the next turn. It's always changing, so you don't want to look and then arrive at where you are still looking, your vision is like your skiing, always moving ahead, always dynamic.
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      Downhill is always a good bet, especially if you are recovering from an off balance move. For larger turns, though, it's good to look to the belly of the next turn.