Protein is one of the nutrients needed to build human body tissues, improve general health, strengthen the immune system, and many other benefits.
Perhaps many people are not aware that there are many sources of protein that may contain more beneficial nutrients, and examples of these sources include:
Apples: An apple contains about half a gram of protein.
Cherries: A quarter cup of cherries contain half a gram of protein.
Grapes: A cup of fresh grapes contains more than half a gram of protein.
Figs: Each 100 grams of fig contains a gram of protein.
Chicken breast: One of the elements rich in protein, as the medium piece of chicken breast contains 58 grams of protein.
Eggs: An egg contains six grams of protein.
Oats: A cup of oats contains 11 grams of protein.
Cottage cheese: This type of cheese contains a high percentage of protein, as each 120 grams of cottage cheese contains 26 grams of protein.
Yogurt: Yogurt contains 10% protein.
Tuna: one of the favorite foods for athletes, as every 100 grams of tuna contains 27 grams of protein.
Lentils: every 200 grams provides 18 grams of protein.
Shrimp: Each 86 grams of shrimp contains 20 grams of protein.
Despite the importance of protein, one must make sure to eat protein-rich foods in moderation, in order to avoid exposure to some health problems like gout.